My Share of Free Diet Meal Plans

As a man that has been continuously struggling to keep his weight, I’ve had my share of diets and I’ve learnt to know which are good and which aren’t. Because some diets didn’t wake for me but they could work for someone else, for someone that has a bit more determination, I’ve picked up best plans from various and decided to present them here. The effective meal plans diet is also available in any free diet that can be read on the internet, so I’m only sharing with you some of my experience when dieting and mentioning some of the few ones I’ve found beneficial for my metabolism and weight problems.

One of the best free diet meal plans I’ve tried was the one that had a three-day plan to be repeated at least 5 times, so basically a two-week diet plan.

First Day: You are not allowed to eat anything but fruits. Breakfast: 3 bananas and a fruit smoothie made at home, with apples, apricots, plums, grapefruits or any other fruits you can get your hands on. Lunch: Eat a big salad with vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, olives, onion, pickles and put nuts in it. Dinner: Have a big slice of boiled fat-free meat, with one backed potato.

Second Day: You can eat anything, but don’t go over 1200 calories. Also, eat 6 meals, not just three. Salads, yoghurts, fish, fruits, go creative on this one.

Third Day: Focus on vegetables. Breakfast: Have a glass of apple juice then eat fresh vegetables, 350 grams, with a slice of cow’s cheese or a small chicken meat slice. Lunch: Eat a portion of cabbage soup and then have a plate of boiled vegetables with a slice of fish. Dinner: Today, you will go for a diary based dinner plan. This means yogurt and cereals, milk and cereals with honey, cow cheese with vegetables, rice and cheese, rice and milk and any other combination you can think of, Dinner should not weight more than 400 grams.

The free diet meal plans that include a seven-day diet have always been difficult to follow. And mostly, these diet meal plans, when they are too restrictive, will not measure good results in the long run. I’ve tried the dislocated diet, that urges you to eat one ailment a day, and here’s the meal plan I took. I did lose 12 pounds, but immediately after I’ve put 7 of them back on. Some voices say that this plan is not well regarded in the long run.

First Day: Diary products, as much as you want. Milk, cheese, cream, butter. But nothing more, no bread, no nothing.

The second day Combine bread with cereals and biscuits and basically anything else made from cereal flour or cereals. You can drink water or tea.

Third Day: Eat fresh fruits, drink only fresh fruit juice and water.: Eat fresh fruits, drink only fresh fruit juice and water.

The fourth day: Eat fresh or boiled vegetables. Do not eat more than two vegetable types at one meal. This means if you want to eat potatoes and tomatoes, that’s all for one meal. You can eat them in any quantity.

Fifth day: Today you eat meat. Veal, chicken, boiled or barbecued. The trick is to eat only meat, no salad with it, no nothing. You can also eat meat products as liver pasta or other similar stuff. Again, as much as you want, but no more than two types of meat products at each meal. You can drink water, coffee and tea.

Sixth Day: Rice. Boiled, baked…in any combination as long as there’s a 90% rice and 10% something else. This means you can add anything into it, even vegetables, meat, sauces, anything. Just keep the percents.

Seventh Day: This is the last day. You have to slowly get accustomed again to healthy eating. So, you will dislocate only meals. Eat one singular ailment at each meal, and snack. Eat milk at breakfast, or eggs, or ham. Have a cheese for lunch. And meat for dinner. You can combine thing differently, this is just what I’ve done.

Also, I’ve tried a few combined free diet meal plans that worked wonders, and only because they were made up of health ailments and were not making me miss anything.

Breakfast free diet meal plans:

  1. Make an omelette without oil. Add a few slices of tomatoes on top of it. Eat it with a slice of cereal bread and a glass of fresh orange juice.
  2. Make a muffin from whole cereals. Or eat one already made, but make sure it’s natural. Place on the place 5 raspberries, one banana and half an apple. You will drink water with this breakfast.
  3. A yoghurt, a bowl of cereals and a glass of blended fruit juice.
  4. A glass of milk along side a slice of fish meat with olives and a boiled egg. With bread, of course.
  5. One tomato sliced half an apple, one boiled egg and 10 cereal biscuits.

Morning Snack:

  1. One apple
  2. Two plums and two sweet biscuits.
  3. One fat-free croissant.
  4. One banana and one raspberry.
  5. One pickle and one tomato with a slice of bread.

Lunch free diet meal plans:

  1. 1 .One large bowl of tomato soup, made at home, without meat in it. Then, two baked potatoes with cheese. No bread.
  2. Cabbage soup and a slice of bread and two chicken wings with mashed potatoes.
  3. Seasonal soup, with vegetables and greens. A slice of barbecue with boiled vegetables alongside. No bread.
  4. A big salad with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, olives, almonds, olive oil, mushrooms and tuna. Then, two slices of bread with a glass of milk and honey.
  5. Baked rice and chicken, with peppers and tomatoes. Must be made at home, in the oven. Eat it with fresh vegetables and no bread.

Afternoon Snack:

  1. A glass of milk and some sugar-free biscuits.
  2. One fruit.
  3. A slice of bread with one of cheese.
  4. A smoothie made from at least 5 fruits, including a banana.
  5. A fruit salad.

Dinner free diet meal plans:

  1. Barbecued vegetables and fish.
  2. Boiled potatoes with a vegetable salad with no meat or bread.
  3. Cheese and rice, baked in the over and a glass of milk.
  4. Half a grapefruit, then a steak with beans and carrots with a slice of bread.
  5. A yoghurt with cereals, then a fruit salad with almonds in it.

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